“Fulfilling Isaiah 19”

The Lighthouse Network is primarily a ministry of building relationships, established through worship & intercession—and for the purpose of impacting the peoples of the Middle East for God's glory! Through united, persistent worship and intercession, we are convinced that the spiritual strongholds within the Middle East will be brought down and those who dwell in darkness will see the Light of the Lord!

Over the past several years we have focused our ministry on raising up a relational network of believers committed to worship and prayer from across the Middle East (nationals and missionaries). This network, which we call the ‘Net’ is purposefully being developed to encourage and support those ministering in the Middle East as they give their hearts and lives for the salvation of the Arab and Jewish peoples dwelling in these lands. 

It is our desire to see this ‘Net’ expanded to include people from many nations of the world who have a heart to see the peoples of the Middle East reached for the glory of the Lord.

We see this ministry involved in preparing for what the prophet Isaiah spoke about regarding a “Highway of Worship” that will be established from Egypt to Assyria (Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Iran, Cyprus), and including Israel – which will result in a blessing being released upon the whole earth! (Isaiah 19:23-25)